2014 New Year the Positive outlook

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Started out blogging last 2 years ago not for business but for a hobby that I wanted to share my experiences and great discoveries. I never expected that the blogging community is like a roller coaster ride in where you I encountered good to bad experiences in the blogging community, to PR’s and companies.

Still with the crisis that we had encountered that almost that made us stops in blogging. Made me realize why I should stop to such crisis in where this will make us stronger than the others. We excel among the rest because we came to overcome the challenges in this blogging world that is like showbiz.


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Thank you for my haters, bullies and stalkers because you made us instant celebrities. hehehe!!! Just joking. But hey life in this blogging world would be meaningless without those haters, bullies and stalkers. They are the one would make a person much stronger and people will see how determined the person in the line of blogging.

We are not perfect writers but if you can notice our passion in writing our own simple way. There is no right or wrong in blogging because your blog is your own personal diary that you want to share to others. So if our blogs make your head spin well we didn’t forced you to read to it. There are more appreciative people out there and doesn’t mind our imperfections in both blogging and personally.

We admit we have lots of backlogs but hey even it’s already late we still never forget to write it down. I myself we I get home I prioritize my motherly duties before anything else and if I get to have that time that is where I will do my blogging.



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Now we have added a new addition a new blog that in this coming year will focus more on gadgets and technology.  For now it’s a mixed niche because we are building its online visibility. Hope you can support our newest blog and would appreciate to be invited in events that would focus in gadgets and technology.

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Let’s start the New Year in a positive way and let’s all forgive those who had done badly to us. We start a new hope and start all over again to gain friendships and future partnerships. Hope this 2014 New Year will be a good year for us and will give us lots of opportunity to grow more.

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