Alaska NutriBuild 345 Turning challenges into milestones


Mommies have you experienced when you child trying to avoid eating such as veggies and fish. Coz I do with my boys and I get so frustrated in how can I make them like and eat what is best for them.

As being a growing kid they need all the nutrients they will be needing in their development. With lack of nutrition a child would always in a bad mood Childhood experts call these markers as developmental milestones, which help measure a child’s growth in four primary areas of development that includes speech/language, cognitive/intellectual, social/emotional, and fine/gross motor skills.

“The Alaska NutriBuild 345 Nutriplate follows the Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s (FNRI) food guide pyramid for children one to six years old,” explains Ms. Santuyo.  “This tool gives parents a visual representation of the right kind and amount of food, right for their child’s age and needs, and which should be included in their meals. We wanted to guide the parents when it comes to their child’s nutritional need and at the same time, make it easy and appealing for parents,” she describes.

Alaska NutriBuild 345 also has minerals that support rapid demands of physical growth and endurance, E.F.A. or Essential Fatty Acids that are essential for normal growth in body and brain development, and a mixture of Iron+Zinc+Iodine, which supports the development of brain functions.  It also has Choline and Taurine that help in the development of cognitive and memory functions and DHA/ARA that support healthy vision and cognitive development.

There are lots of milk supplement out in the market and finding the right one for your child could be a challenge. You can try Alaska NutriBuild 345 and see if this is the one that would make your growing child help in his / her development.

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