Cucina ni Bunso cozy like home

Cusina ni Bunso

Once in a while when dining out with my family and best friends I would like a place to eat and relax. Often our restaurants are so cramp and so commercialized. You can’t even have a decent conversation because of the loud music or the noise from other diners in the area.

Cusina ni BunsoI was invited to Cucina ni Bunso and so happy to  know about this place. The place is easy to find and you can park your car at the side streets. Don’t worry parking at the side street coz at the area side street parking is common.

Upon entering Cucina ni Bunso there is a cozy feeling like home. Relaxing not like the other restaurants that so stiff and so commercialized. Just being in this place made me want to stay longer.

What is best with this place is the great food that all ages would like.

Militon's Spring Roll

Militon’s Spring Roll

Any vegetarians would love with a mango and basil and peanut sauce.

Fried Zucchini Bacon and Herbs

Fried Zucchini Bacon and Herbs

This would be nice making the kids eat Zucchini.


Bomba with tuna, cheese in wanton wrapper

So some people can withstand a little big of heat.

Popeye soup is one of my favorite and would be good for my kids. They often don’t like greens. It’s so creamy that you won’t even taste its spinach. Another soup with a twist is the Tiktilaok Soup that is creamy tinola soap.

Chicken Pomelo Salad consist of pomelo, keso puti, tomato and chicken. While the Adobo Salad consist of okra, quail egg, baby potato and lettuce.

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For the main course you could have Beef Kaldereta, Seafood Kare-Kare and Chicken ni Mel. What is different with Chicken ni Mel it has a caramelized apple and gravy to compliment each other. Also Chicken Ni Mel even before he started its his signature dish that he often accept orders in giveaways and parties.

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For your deserts you can try the Halo-Halo Turon in where you can find in every Turon the ingredients for halo-halo. So you can dip your turon to your favorite ice cream. Another dessert is the Cinamon Roll that for some best with coffee after that great meal.

Cucina Ni Bunso is located at 117B Sct. Lozano St. corner Tomas Morato, Q.C

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