Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!!

I get so sentimental with my kids baby stuff that I store them in big balikbayan box for years. But I realized that I need to declutter and get rid of stuff that I won’t be needing and I don’t plan to have any more kids. I decided to sell my stuff in an online portal like OLX Philippines – Going Yesss, Yaman!!! It is easy, fast and knowing that my stuff will find a new home and people to make them happy.

Going Yesss, Yaman OLXPH

I have both pre-loved and brand new baby stuff to sell that I am sure they are being take care of and loved. My brand new items are the Avent breastmilk storage and the Chicco Car seat that are still sealed and just put into storage. My pre-loved items on the other hand are the Snuglli Baby Carrier and my Medela Electric Breastpump.

Going Yesss, Yaman BreastpumpMy favorite pre-loved item is the Medela Electric Breastpump. It helped me to provide breastmilk for my newborn son who is admitted in the ICU because they found out he have PDA. He can be only being feed by means of tube feeding and I was advised that I try my best to provide them my breastmilk so he can gain the benefits from it. I knew it help him to get stronger and surpass his early trial in life. It really takes commitment to be able to breastfeed our kids that no other formula can match.

Until now, I am still gathering up stuff I plan to sell and make a profit from it. As a single mom, I need badly the budget to be able to provide for my kids. Yes, all the work is all depend on me and I only rely on myself for my kids.

I just started being a member of OLX Philippines last year and hopefully this year will fruitful ad posting. Hope that my baby stuff find a new home and mom to be at good service what it did for my baby and me. Going Yesss, Yaman!!! By OLX Philippines

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