Guadalupe Cembo Fire Outbreak October 27, 2013

Its 12mn I and fellow bloggers decided to go home already from an event. Coming from A.Venue I decided to take the route home via Makati Ave to Dr. Jose P. Rizal Ave. While waiting for our turn to take a right turn going to Dr. Jose P. Rizal Ave going to Guadalupe there where 2 fire trucks 2 ambulances in a hurry that they already countered flowed the opposite lane just to be able to turn going the same road we are going.

While on our way we’re trying to guess where would be the fire. A few seconds once again we heard fire truck siren from behind coming from Rockwell area. As any driver should do I pulled over on the side to give way for fire trucks from behind.

Still continuing our way to Guadalupe we didn’t see any signs of fire upon approaching the Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park going to Edsa . Fire trucks started to occupy the road intersection making for us motorist difficulty to pass going to Edsa.

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We got a video of the fire just starting up to spread out so fast. You could hear explosion guessing from LPG tanks from the houses burning. I estimated from the area of fire is along San Jose Street.

Here is the Guadalupe Cembo Fire


Jeremy used our trusted video cam and saw someone moving from one of the house windows. We still need to upload the video and we will update you about it. Hope that this person we saw from our video is rescued.

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