Happy Meal Box of McDonald’s is back

It was just last week me and my eldest Jeremy made a drive-thru at McDonald’s for some happy meal for his two brothers that I promised to bring home. I usually order Happy Meal with extra fries. A happy meal is not complete with fries for them having to forget to get some fries is prohibited.

Suddenly Jeremy asked me why is the Happy Meal is not placed in a Happy Meal Box. He remembers when I bring “pasalubong” for him when he was still young. Try to think of it I didn’t know why and when did they stop having those Happy Meal Box.

Jeremy would be so excited when he see’s the pasalubong I got for him and seeing him it’s like opening a gift in a box.

Happy Meal

But now being one of people being informed that McDonald’s its returning their Happy Box. Me and the family is so excited to welcome the Happy Meal box.

This would means that my two other kids would experience that excitement that their “Kuya Jeremy” had felt every time he receives a Happy Meal Box.

Happy Meal Event

Happy Meal with Fries

Another great news is that Happy Meal will be including fries with it. So now I don’t have to make a separate order for additional fries with my kids Happy Meals. With the addition to the Burger McDo, McNuggets, Chicken McDo with Rice, and McSpagetti, all with a regular drink and featured toy.

For the Burger Mcdo Happy Meal it’s just 85 pesos. For the other meal you just need to add 15 pesos to have fries to your meal.

Burger McDo Meal

Happy Meal for Breakfast

Happy Meal available for breakfast with favorites such as the 4 pc Mini Hotcakes and Hamdesal, both served with a regular drink and featured toy.

Featured toy for this Month of September

  • Transformers
  • My Little Pony collectibles

Happy Meal Activities and Events

Happy Meal Activities

Happy Meal McDonald’s will be having Giant Red Box Installations and other activities from various locations like Market Market, Mall of Asia and Eastwood.

Happy Meal Samplings

They will also be having food samplings to selected schools.

I hope that with the chicken meal they would more gravy with it. My kids so love lots of gravy with their chicken. Also it would be great to have a side dish other than fries like apple pie or any dried fruits for kids who nutritious cautious. Last but not the least drink option other than juice is like milk.

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