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Heaven and Eggs Choco Chip waffles

Often I wake sleep and wake up late in the afternoon often. Even though I wake up in the afternoon, I never miss a beat to eat breakfast. Yes! Breakfast in the afternoon and anytime of the day kind of person. There are times that I want to eat out and have that breakfast meal been craving for. The only problem is that a very few serves breakfast anytime.



Heaven and Eggs



I was invited by my colleague to have a food review for Heaven and Eggs Glorietta 4. Just hearing the name of the establishment made me think that this place will be overflowing with eggs dishes. That would be person like me a breakfast person dream came true.





Upon checking their menu, they serve all day breakfast dishes anytime of the day. When it comes to breakfast I would love to have waffles that we never have at our house. It is 2pm in the afternoon and still never ate any breakfast yet. I ordered the Chocolate Chip Waffle for starters while waiting for the others. When my order arrived, I was overwhelmed with the size of their waffles. I only encountered such size of waffles when I was in the States.



With the size of these, waffle was not able to finish the whole thing. We also have to try the apple cinnamon pancake and the Oreo pancake. Nevertheless, nothing beats the waffle that I got that has that crunchiness from the outside.






If you are not into waffles and pancakes, I would suggest you should get the Raisin and Bread French Toast. Heaven and Eggs Glorietta 4 serve their Raisin and Bread French Toast using Baguio Country Club Raisin and Bread. It stuffed with raisins, caramelized apples and whipped cream cheese. To make it more delightful you should request a scoop of vanilla ice cream to top off their Raisin and Bread French Toast. That melted ice cream and it sweetness be that sure hit to make having this dish.








If you are not into breakfast for the time and have the appetite of a giant, you can try their well-known Eat all you can Steak and eggs. This dish has US beef steak and mashed potatoes, and country gravy. With this kind of offering my eldest son would surely enjoy dinning.

Try to drop by and dine in or you can always buy their Baguio Country Club known Raisin Bread, Centennial Bread and Banana Bread


Heaven and Eggs is located at Glorietta 4, Makati Center and they are open 7:00am to 10:00pm.






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