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Being a mom of all boys and being busy with both family responsibilities and blogging I always neglect myself. I always put my kids first before my own needs. No time going to the salon to have that hair spa. Never gone to have that good body massage after ends day work.

I always have the dilemma in where to go have my hair done and have that long-awaited hair treatment. I experienced undergoing a hair treatment that ended up burning some of my hair off. Having  to undergo hair treatment that is so uncomfortable because that stinging sensation and the chemical odor while waiting for the hair treatment to finish. Sometimes I go to the salon I don’t know what haircut and treatment I will need. I would ask the hairstylist whatever would compliment my facial features and other stuff. But often the stylist would return the question “kayo po ano gusto nyo”. I get so frustrated when that happen and usually ended up going home instead not availing any services.

With my experiences with salons I would rather just go and cut my hair and go home. So it’s been years I haven’t styled my hair in a usual ponytail or headband wherever I go.

MALDITA STUDIO Recieving and Color Bar

MALDITA STUDIO receiving and Color Bar. Color Bar with your personal color technician to ensure top-notch quality hair service.

I got the invited to try out the First and only Maldita Studio which is located Ground Floor, #75 Rosemont Tower, Panay Ave, Quezon City. I was so happy upon arriving they have parking and we all know within the area parking is hard to find. If ever their parking slots are all taken you can park along the street or park at the nearby malls pay parking.

Maldita Studio working area.


Maldita Studio is the beauty counter-part of the very known MALDITA, premiere Filipino clothing brand known for fashion.


Maldita Studio Washing area

Maldita Studio Wash Area

 Maldita Studio is an exclusive L’Oreal Salon with professionally trained staff to attend to all your beauty needs.

Maldita Studio VIP Rooms

Maldita Studio VIP Rooms for special guest requiring privacy

 At first MALDITA planned to have both the clothing line and the MALDITA STUDIO. But with some setbacks it took 10 years before they had established Maldita Studio. They wanted MALDITA – fashion and its MALDITA STUDIO – beauty combine as one.

Maldita Studio Before hair cut

Maldita Studio before having my hair cut.

I hair is waist long and I given all my trust to my senior stylist  Carlo Umipig  and assistant stylist Arthur Pangilinan what is best for me. I told them  I wanted that total makeover that would make me “WOW”.



Maldita Studio Pedicure / Manicure

Maldita Studio Pedicure and Manicure.

While having my haircut and treatment might as well have that pedicure and manicure to have that ultimate makeover of the lifetime. My pedicure and manicure was done by Ailyn Marquez. I also  gave her to choose the color would best suit me. At first she is very hesitant to choose the color for me. I just told her the colors I don’t like the blue, green and violets. For  a change I wanted my stylist would amaze me and I know they more capable in their jobs.

Maldita Studio Manicure

Maldita Studio Manicure


Maldita Studio having my haircut

Maldita Studio having my haircut




Maldita Studio goodbye hair

Maldita Studio goodbye hair

Goodbye long hair and hello new look. Carlo my stylist the one cut my hair and made it shoulder length. Now the coloring begin and first needed to put some highlights.

Maldita Studio while my hair color.

Maldita Studio while my hair color. Medusa in foil.

 The L’Oreal color treatment  that they used doesn’t even sting or itch until the treatment finished. I was surprised and it also doesn’t have that funky chemical odor that we usually smell in salons everywhere. During the treatment also they make it sure to set the timer to get that correct timing for the color treatment to set in.

Maldita Studio 2

Now that my hair undergoing color treatment assistant stylist Arthur game me a good back massage. Where in a place that you can have your beauty needs done and still have that massage in the same time.

Having some treats during my Maldita makeover. Showcasing their Thai food and red and white wine.

Having some treats during my Maldita makeover. Showcasing their Thai food and red and white wine.

During the treatment Maldita Studio prepared treats from Mango Tree featuring their finest Red and White wine and their Thai Food. I was served Po Pia Goong – Deep fried shrimp spring rolls served with sweet chili sauce and Gai Satay – Chicken satay served with cucumber and peanut dipping sauce matched with their red and white wine to your own preference.


Last but not the least got an eyebrow and upper lip threading by Evelyn Cabarlo. Being “mabalbon” really needs eyebrow and upper lip threading. I can opt to have it waxed but I much the more challenging and painful one. Hehehe! But really threading is more effective and the hair growth is much slower than waxing. At first I was crying with any reason


My Maldita makeover and I super wow love it.

My Maldita makeover and I super wow love it.

I started the Maldita Studio service around 2pm and ended at 7pm. When going to the salon you really have alloted time or better the whole day for that complete makeover. For now you can’t see in this picture my hair color and highlights. I still don’t have the DSLR to have that stunning picture perfect photo shoot.


I am with my ever patient stylist Carlo and Arthur

I am with my ever patient stylist Carlo and Arthur

Hopefully I get the time again and will try to rebond my crazy hair of course need to have that whole day for it. So much love my hair and never regret giving trust to my stylist and other staff of Maldita Studio in giving me the ultimate makeover.

Thank You so much Maldita Studio and would definitely would come back.

Maldita Studio Service Fee

Maldita Studio Service Fee


Maldita Studio Service fee 2

How to get there by car:

  1. Head Southwest on Quezon Ave towards Delta ave.
  2. Make a U-Turn after Delta
  3. Turn right onto Timog Ave.
  4. Turn right at the first street Panay ave. landmark spa before  turning right to panay ave.
  5. One building away slow down and Rosemont Towers will be at the right side.

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Maldita Studio is open daily from 9am – 7pm. All major credit cards, reservation and walk-ins are welcome.

Mention where you got their information and my name and we never know they might give you a discount or a special treat.

For Inquires and Reservation

+632-736-6943; +632922-886-0466



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