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McDonald lovers today is the day the new menu will surely add to your order. I often order the Big Mac or the McChicken Sandwich. But there was a time I wanted a little kick from the food I order.


Now McSpicy is now here in the Philippines and going to give that satisfying blend of flavor and spices. The McSpicy is 100% juicy whole chicken meat, seasoned with the right spices for fit the Filipino taste. Also topped with the lettuce and dressing.

How does it taste?


This is nearly identical to the McChicken Sandwich the difference this one has a spicy kick to it. It’s not that spicy that you need to reach for some water or soda to flush out that hotness feeling in the mouth. Here they used that crispy chicken and the sesame seed bun to compliment it.

McSpicy inside

I got to taste the McSpicy a few months ago at my Hongkong trip. I could say it’s has a different level of spicyness to it. Filipino people having that spicyness from Hongkong is way to much. But the McSpicy here in the Philippines is just right for us, not that spicy and hot.

McDonald and Me

  • Ala Carte = Php 80
  • Regular fries and Regular drink = Php 115
  • Medium fries and Medium drink = Php 135

McSpicy Meal

The Score

Taste 8/10

Presentation 5/10

I would definetly recommend the McSpicy to give that some kick to your taste. I just don’t like the lettuce falling  out from the sandwich. I just hope they would add more dressing to it. Why? To keep those lettuce in place and giving that flavor with the spicy taste of the McSpicy Sandwich.

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