Nestle Fitnesse Living the Health and Fitness Philosophy

Now a day we tend to be so commercialized with the product and food. We forget that having a healthy life we should learn to nourish our mind and body. Nestle Philippines had invited us in taking part in NESTLE FITNESSE Living the Health & Fitnesse Philosophy. They prepared whole day activities created that holistic experience for the mind and body.

Nestle Fitnesse


Before we started our first activity we are offered to have breakfast and getting to try the new variety of Nestle Fitnesse. I remember buying Nestle Fitnesse in plain flavor only but now they have 4 additional flavors are Clusters with Almonds, Clusters with Banana Nut, With Fruit and Honey and Almond. Now I have more option to choose from.


Activity 1

Our first activity is “Greet the Morning Yoga” and our instructor is no other than Ms. Jeannie Javelosa of ECHOyoga.

  • 10 minutes – Introduction to Yoga
  • 80 minutes 0 Yoga Practice: “Greet the Morning Yoga”
    • Slow Surya Namaskar to stretch the body and awaken the energy
    • 15 minutes – Proper breathing exercises
    • 45 minutes – Slow Surya Namaskar
    • 10 minutes – meditation
    • 10 minutes – Savasana rest to close the practice



This is my first time to try yoga and at first I thought it was easy but I was wrong. I also demand full concentration and the impact in the body and mind. I’m used of high impact sports like badminton and taekwondo so trying out yoga I could try it for a change.

Activity 2

Healthy cooking with Chef Tess Sutilo of Nestle Philippines had teaches us easy to prepare dishes 100% healthy recipes with contains Nestle Fitnesse cereals. So you have other options not just eating your cereal with milk and fruits the usual way.


Summer Crunchy Salad

Nestle Summer Crunchy Salad

Nestle Summer Crunchy Salad



2 tbsp. cooking oil

100g shrimp, peeled and deveined

1 cup cubed green, yellow and red bell peppers


Pinch of salt

1 cup broccoli florets, blanched and set aside

5 pieces cherry tomatoes, halves

1 cup cubed ripe mango

1 cup NESTLÉ FITNESSE Honey Almond


Vinaigrette: Combine –

Juice of 1 lemon

½ cup olive oil

½ cup dalandan juice

Salt, pepper and sugar to taste


Nestle Fitnesse Burger Patty

Nestle Fitnesse Burger Patty

Nestle Fitnesse Burger Patty

Baked Pancake and Fruit Trife

Baked Pancake and Fruit Trife

Baked Pancake and Fruit Trife


Activity 3

We never tried painting before and holding a brush and paint is something new for us. Our painting workshop is facilitated by Ms. Crown Dolot of vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery. They showed us let our creativity flow through expressionist paintings that showcase the meaning of a holistic lifestyle.

My painting turned out to be ok and I never imagine that painting needs lots of patience and imagination at hand.

M Paintings

Corrine Masterpiece



I could say that being healthy is not just the body but also mind as well. You won’t get to enjoy being healthy when you mind is in chaos. I already tried Nestle Fitnesse I could say it help me in my diet and having 5 varieties to choose from and looking forward the next meal with another variety.

As Ms. Joie Macatula the Nestle Fitnesse Brand Manager said “When one thinks of health you must associate not only the body but also the mind. It’s not only dietingand exercising matters but also exercising the mind as well to be able to enjoy life.

A Nestle Fitnesse Brand Manager Joie Macatula

Taking the 14 day challenge of Nestle Fitnesse at first it was had but it really need a lot of determination to stick with it if you wanted that great body being dreaming of. So now after a month already. You can also make other dishes and you just need to incorporate Nestle Fitnesse to it.

J Nestle Fitnesse Cooking Demo 4

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