Nokia Lumia 720 SuperMom Review

I admit I’m a late bloomer when it comes to having the high-end gadgets especially smartphones. It’s just year 2012 I just started to have my touch screen phone. The one I got that time didn’t do much I can go use my social networks and few games.

Nokia Lumia 720

I always have this problem when I need to open a doc file from my email. My phone is not capable in opening such file so I need to open it up when I get back home.

Lumia 720 Back Camera

Lumia 720 Back Camera

Another problem that I face is my kids tend to take my phone hostage and use it for their games and You Tube. At first it was ok but it came a time my kids had erased my whole phone.  I can’t do anything about it but find a way next time it won’t happen. I tried installing different apps but with my dismay all of them failed.


My son advised me to check the coming Nokia Lumia 720 that he thinks would be better for me. So right there from the day of the launch we gone to the mall to check it out.

Lumia 720 Micro SD slot

Oh Boy!!! I was so glad we went to the mall and know about the phone. It has a kid’s corner you can select the only games, music and other apps I wanted my kids to use.

Lumia 720 Here Drive

Also I like with the Lumia 720 it has a HERE Drive, HERE Maps and Here City Lens, HERE Transit. This would be very useful for me in both driving and commute to places I am not familiar. I don’t have to buy nor download the apps because it’s already included in the phone.

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I got to try the phone and let my kids use the Kid’s Corner. The Kid’s Corner is best. It’s not only you will enjoy the Lumia 720 but also the kids. With the big screen of 4.3″ and Corning Gorilla Glass 2 I won’t worry about the screen getting scratched.

Lumia 720 Kid's Corner Menu

Kid's Corner

Lumia 720 Kid's Corner Game menu

Lumia 720 has Office so you can open office file anywhere and you can also edit and save it. It’s just using your computer just mobile and you can sync your file to your computer at home.

For sure you will love this it can wireless charge. Like me I have kids they tend to remove the data cable from the phone without any care. I usually ended up loose data cables that cost about 900 a piece for replacement.

I surely recommend my fellow mom’s to have the Lumia 720. Coz I did enjoy and love the phone so much even my kids love having it. They even asked me if I could give them the phone as a gift.

Lumia 720 Back

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