Parachute Convertible Bags affordable and handy

IMAG1559Parachute Convertible Bags that is lightweight and you can bring it anywhere

I usually go out and having a bag is just exact for my stuff that I have. However, there are times I wish that my bag could be converted when needed to a bigger size. The end of it I have to find another bag so I can put thing that I got.

As an online media, it is common to see having those Eco bags or paper bag in where tokens events. However, as what I can call “dyahe” when you have another event to go and seeing you having an eco bag around it is like you came from shopping.

IMAG1579Just recently, I attended a product launch of Parachute Convertible Bags held at Just Thai in BGC last July 9, 2014. The owner of Parachute Convertible Bags – Ms. Rosanna Hwang demonstrated some of their convertible bags. Not all of their products can be convertible to another kind of bag. However, I was amazed for the bags that can be converted to a much bigger bag that is beneficial especially to moms out there.


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