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Every woman should be always fresh and clean with their intimate area even on the go. Common mistake of other women when they are outside from the comfort of their home. When going to the restroom a plain tissue to wipe those intimate area after. Some out there even don’t even thought of even cleansing themselves after.

Let’s face it some women are not educated enough about feminine hygiene. Making themselves vulnerable to infections and odor.

A woman should always use a feminine wash in cleansing themselves and not any other ordinary soap or only water. Ordinary soap would only result of making your intimate area dry and usually cause irritations.

When I go out I always see to it that I have with me my feminine wash. I wash if the restroom has the facilities for you to able to wash after. If not I have my special feminine wipes from the States. But there times I already ran out of stock of the feminine wipes so I end up using tissue instead.

pHcare Feminine Wipes

But now after knowing that pH care already has a pH care feminine wipes and I don’t need to buy anymore from the States. Now I have my pH care feminine wash at home and my pH Care Feminine wipes on the go.

pHCare Feminine productsUpon trying the pH Care feminine wipes it has open resealable label in you can easily pull out the wipes. The wipe itself doesn’t tear immediately not like the ordinary tissues out there. Every pack has 10 wipes and its handy you can even put it in your pocket. Yes I know nothing beats totally doing washing at least even your out you can still cleanse and stay fresh. This is convenient especially when you have your monthly period that you can’t avoid to feel and smell.

Let’s face it if you really care about yourself and your hygiene you should put in your list feminine hygiene on your top priority. As what my guy friends would say they don’t want a woman who smells like a fish. You know what I am saying for sure.

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