Rice Pots at Cucina Andare Makati


Who could ever resist rice toppings? As filipino’s we love to eat meals with rice. We eat rice in the morning, lunch and dinner and still we never get bored with it. You would feel something missing in a the day without rice in your meal.

I got the chance to try Rice Pots at Cucina Andare Makati. I love the adobo rice with Lechon Macau. We can compare it like lechon kawali but this one is oven-baked pork belly has a crunchy skin and very moist meat.

Lechon Macau Rice Pots

Ohhhh!!!! Just remembering theĀ  taste of it makeĀ  my mouth-watering again. Hope to get back and try their Lechon Macao Rice toppings…


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