Subaru Impreza Challenge 2013

Subaru Impreza Challenge

After attending an event in the area my son and mom told me that they saw Subaru Impreza Challenge. So before going home we decided to take a look and finally found out how this challenge is done.

About Subaru Impreza Challenge:

Subaru Impreza Challenge is an endurance competition in where the contestants are required to keep their hands on the vehicle for as long as they can. They only have 5 minute breaks given in every six hours from standing. The contestant will battle extreme weather condition like the heat and rain. Also they will be given challenges in where it will push their physical and mental limits.

In the end the remaining 10 contestants to fly to Singapore!! ultimate goal of winning a brand new Subaru Impreza 2.0RS

We arrived in time for the new challenge that the contestant will be doing. The contestant are required to squat with it they need to place a balloon in between their legs. I know it sounds easy but keeping in place while your right hands still touching the car.

Subaru Impreza Challenge Manila leg

The downside of the contestant that once those balloon in between their legs pops they are automatically off the challenge. A few minutes of our stay 5 people already eliminated due to balloon popping or their hands not properly place to the hand car sticker.


 While watching:

I was taking a picture of my son on his background of the event. When it was my turn and I was instructing my son how to take my picture. A very nice lady offered to take our picture. After taking our picture I got to know that she one of the organizers and from Singapore.


We talked for a while and I told her that ever since the Subaru Impreza Challenge started I wanted to join but I believe you need to be a person going to gyms to withstand the challenges. So it’s so impossible for me to beat the others. She told me why not join next year for the fun of it. Well she said it right and why not I try it next to be able to say I tried. So I have one year to prepare so let’s get physical.

Never got to get her name and thank her about the idea and finally that made me decided to join next year for the fun of it.

Subaru Car Display

** This is post is my opinion and not in any way influenced by the organizers. I am not invited to this event and I came as audience of that event. To prove that I write articles that I most interest without any tokens or such.

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