DiabetEASE Magazine in “Sugar Crash at Trinoma”

Just yesterday DiabetEASE Magazine held their 3rd series of Sweet Escape titled "Sugar Crush". With the lack of information in diabetes, year after year people with diabetes increases. This is why DiabetEASE Magazine steps in giving useful information for individuals in way how to combat and prevent diabetes and pre-diabetes. Numerous talks were held during…

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Ceelin Plus for my kids

No mom’s out there would like to see their children sick of those nasty cough and colds. One way is prevention and taking vitamins is a must in every growing child. I always make sure to have a steady supply of vitamin C right from the start. Young children grow rapidly and their immune system…

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Cordlife Philippines cord blood bank

396140_452029324828642_1770003064_nWe were invited by Cordlife Philippines and given a chance to see their facilities at UP TechnoHub.


We were graced by Ms. China CojuangcoCordlife Mom Ambassador and shared her story why she decided in availing Cordlife Philippines services.

Also with us is Dr. Arvin FaundoCordlife Medical Director for Philippines and Ms. Huiying Tan – Cordlife Director for Philippines. They explained to us the importance of cord blooding and its benefits.

Dr. Arvin Faundo - Cordlife Medical Director for Philippines

Dr. Arvin Faundo – Cordlife Medical Director for Philippines

Ms. Huiying Tan - Cordlife Director for Philippines

Ms. Huiying Tan – Cordlife Director for Philippines

Cordlife is the only cord blood bank in Philippines that offers the world’s most preferred fully automated cord blood processing technology, known as Sepax®. It can recover as high as 99% of stem cells from cord blood.

The baby’s stem’s cells are stored in their facility in UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub. The facility is flood safe and it uses a vapour-phase of liquid nitrogen to keep all samples in a maintained temperature.

The Group currently owns and operates full processing and cryopreservation storage facilities across Asia, namely in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and The Philippines. It’s processing and storage facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong and India are also AABB (formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks) accredited, meeting the gold standard of private cord blood banking. The Group also has a direct investment in China Cord Blood Corporation, one of the top operators in China.

Absolute Providing Families With But The Best

The highest standards are set by mothers. They are tough to please because they want what’s best for us. They are meticulous and dedicated in protecting and providing their household with the best. One of the most vital parts of a household is clean, drinking water, and with so many available in the market, it…

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Cervical Cancer X means Love!!!

One of the top women cancer we know is breast cancer but we never imagine that there another cancer a woman at risk. This is cervical cancer and any women can a victim of this dreaded cancer.   Cervical cancer begins with cancerous cells that grow on the surface of the cervix, the passageway that…

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Micronutrient Deficiency in the Philippines

More and more Filipino schoolchildren suffer from inadequate nutrition   Micronutrient deficiency in PH: When the smallest matters most By their very name, micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that are needed only in very small amounts, but their impact on our health is huge.   Micronutrients like iron, zinc, Vitamin A, and many others are…

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Zen masterpiece of beauty and sophistication

How do you create a masterpiece, one that is a hallmark of beauty, elegance and sophistication? Take Rizzini Alexis Gomez, the reigning 2012 Miss Tourism International, for example. This 22-year-old, 5 feet 10 inch statuesque stunner, a Cum Laude nursing graduate from the University of Cebu and now a registered nurse, was no overnight sensation.…

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