Top Torikatsu newest dish my family love

Just came from an event and was so happy to know that Bounty Fresh has new product that surely my boys would love. Had a great time attending the Bounty Fresh Top ToriKatsu launch.

Boys Night Out

My family love eating and have that bonding time while at the dinner table. Often my kids would come to me and tell that they’re hungry. My problem is what can I cook in the instant that didn’t need to wait for long hours to defrost. So this is where Top Torikatsu would come in. Top Torikatsu you just need it to be fried in just 3 minute.

Because we came home at dinner time and still I need to prepare our dinner. I was so tired from driving from the heavy traffic. So I decided to try Top Torikatsu and here what my dad and my kids to say.

Now Cooking:

You have the option to deep fry or bake it. Because I don’t have an oven nor microwave I opted to deep fry it. I don’t have a deep fryer and enough cooking oil so I usually do is I slant my frying pan so that the oil would just go to one side of the pan.

top torikatsu

Top TorikatsuTop Torikatsu back

One pack of Top ToriKatsu has 6 pcs.

















After deep-frying because we have leftover rice I done is remove some oil from the frying pan and left enough to make fried rice.

Top Torikatsu

My family wanted it brown and crispy and during having dinner my son love the cheese inside of it. They asked me to cook another batch for their second round. That’s how my kids love it they even requested for second batch. This one would be regular in my grocery list for sure.


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