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I was browsing at my Facebook account I saw a shared wall status of Julius Marlon Dela Cruz by one of my mutual friend called my attention. I saw a photo of an Urvan showing its plate number. When I get to see such photos posted in Facebook showing the plate number or driver usually done something wrong.

UV Express UVR681

But this one is different and I was touched while reading his story. That there are still people out there with a good heart. What moved me is that this person never asked anything in return even with the hassle.

Here is the Facebook wall status from Julius Marlon Dela Cruz:

I accidentally dropped my work phone in the shuttle I was riding on the way home. It’s a UV Express van with route: Marikina Heights to Ayala and vice versa.

I alighted near the foot bridge in front of SM Marikina and took a jeepney going to Katipunan. I got home, opened my bag and I noticed that my BlackBerry is gone. I tried calling it and on the third ring, the driver answered.

He said, he tried chasing me, still with his passengers inside, but I was walking too fast that he lost me. I told him, I’ll give him a reward, just for him to give me my phone back. I didn’t disclose the amount but instead, he instantaneously asked where I was.

He was already in Pasig but without hesitation he drove all the way back to Katipunan just to give my phone back. Within 15 minutes he was literally in front of my house. I offered him 500 pesos because honestly, I saw the traffic and 500 is a meager amount, solely for gas.

He declined saying “Huwag na po sir. Ok na yung naibalik ko. Para pala sa trabaho niyo yan.”

I wasn’t able to get his name and number, but I took a photo of his plate. I just wish I could commend him and the owners of the van franchise personally.

Apparently, there’s still hope in humanity. No matter how brutal this world gets, there are still people with golden hearts. I’m a firm believer that what ever you give out, you’ll get back twice as more.

Manong driver, saludo ako sayo.

good deedsKnowing such story really shows there are still people with good deeds. These people should be blessed with the love and kindness of our Creator. The driver even went an extra mile just to return the found Blackberry cellphone. I just wish that other people would follow such good deeds and pay it forward.

If someone would know who is the driver and the van franchise Mr. Julius Marlon Dela Cruz would really appreciate thank this person again and to be commended. Just send me a comment below so I would give his details how to be contacted.

To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.

– Sophocles

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