Zendee Album launch publicist going social mad

I was out of the country for a business / leisure trip when a fellow blogger’s pm’d me giving news flash that Zendee Publicist has text blasted every blogger, Event Organizers,  PR’s and  Media friends. That called their attention and was concerned about our reputation.

Here is the text that everybody received:

At the CD album launch of ZENDEE over lunch, we were gatecrashed by a ‘blogger’ who came late. After registering and acknowledging my presence, he hovered around and came back to me and asked for another kit for his co-blogger who is also his mother. I met them over a dinner for bloggers a few months back since they were assigned by a website. Upon checking the site’s editor, we were told that he’s not assigned. So there you go… Loot bloggers on the loose. This is to warn my other PR assocoatrs, event organizers, our media friends… Good evening…
Toots tolentino

I don’t understand what the problem of this person and would rather jump into conclusion and power-tripping announcing without any clarifications.

I don’t understand what the problem is with him, because he would rather jump to conclusions without even clarifying the details. And would rather use his all mighty powers.

My son came to Zendee Album launch because we received an invite from Warner Music PR itself. He came to the event late due to some home delays and that. Still he still managed to arrive to the event and was not able to eat anymore.

My son came to the Zendee Album launch because we were invited by somone from Warner Music. He arrived late due to a couple of problems back at home and the heavy Philippine traffic. But he did still manage to arrive at the latter part of the event.

zendee album

This a formal invite from Warner Music and not from that Publicist.

My son was greeted at the registration table by Mr. Toots Tolentino, and my son mentioned to him that they have already met before and he did awknolage. He registered both our blogs and told him that i’m out of the country and will be representing me for the event. Even after saying that Mr. Toots Tolentino gave my son/Representative one Token and Press release.

So i don’t see how we/he could be labled a gatecrasher and ‘lootbagger. Wondering what’s in the token? Well it’s Zendee’s album and some random CD from Warner. How much is an album? Well regardless i think we can buy our own album, and we’re not exactly the kind of people that ask for autographs that much.

We are not like the other bloggers out there that do “lagare” just to get all the lootbags/tokens. What is the “modus” for them? They usually sign up to events where the time overlaps, so what they do is they do is leave early from and event, then arrive late on the other. If they don’t sign up for events they will just ask other bloggers if they could tag along with them to  event they are not invited to.

We only go to events that interest us and have formal invites from people concerned or we are properly coordinated by other’s to attend. But this is too much Mr. Toots even requested Ross Flores Del Rosario to post the announcement to his Wazzup Pilipinas Group. He’s telling Ross that my son had used his name and his site to gain access to the event. That he should clear his name and his blog site.

Oh my goodness we won’t even dare to use Ross name nor his site just to gain invites. We do blogging as a hobby and not as work. We attend event’s with or without tokens. We usually go to events taking our own car and paying for our own gas, and only ask the organizers for a car pass. If not then we also pay for our own parking.

The dinner event that Mr. toots was referring was an event that Ross had told us if we are interested to attend because of a last-minute text from Mr. toot’s himself. We were attending a food review event from Ross, and before leaving he mentioned another event in the area and if we were interested on going. Ross forwarded us the event details and said that he was just going to tell the organizer that we were coming. He did not mention that we are going representing anybody. We were coming in as our self.

He did not clarify any of the information he had, and did not even consider the damage that could be done if he gave out the wrong information to the public. I private messaged Mr. Toots on the social media networking site ‘Facebook’ and this was his reply.

Joselito Toots O. Tolentino

Good morning Ms Corrine.
In the light of what happened last Tuesday about the
‘invitation’ – were you invited, who invited you’,
there was a ‘miscommunication’ on behalf of our team
due to ‘last minute RSVP’s.
Rest assured that in the future events,
we shall streamline all the names of guests invited
and those who have ‘confirmed’ for maximum efficiency.
Thank you for your kind understanding.
Warmest regards.
Toots tolentino


How can it be a last minute RSVP?! I texted the person that invited us the moment we got the invite, and i email the person that invited us a day before the event if she did in fact get the text message, because i received no reply from her on text. However i did not receive anything from her.

I replied to his said message saying, the damage has already been done and our reputation has gone lower than we started out. I also asking him what will he do in order to fix the mess he done.

I gave him ample time to think about it, and got no reply even now. Upon checking up on my inbox I’ve noticed that he has already blocked me on Facebook. I guess that shows the he is infact guilty and is hoping that we will just forget about this? He thought wrong.

I don’t know what kind of publicist this person is with that kind of personality. I’ve talked to a couple of bloggers and they said that Mr. Toots really is simply an ass. Seems like we are a victim of this monster and he is definitely not going to stop from doing it again.

I hope that PR’s, agencies, and organizers treat us well since we do pay for all our expense ourselves and we don’t even have monthly pay! And when we post our post an article online, it will be and always shall be online for everyone to see.

Maybe this his definition:

Publicist – a person who only knows settle everything in public. Doesn’t know how to settle situation in private.

As for Ross of wazzup he commented on my post that he was just following orders. Well i think someone that is tagging himself as a “Social evangelist” should be well aware that what Mr. Toots is ordering him to do, can severely damage one’s reputation.

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