AMD Goes mobile? And AMD RAM?!?!?

Yes, Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) has decided to get away from the AMD Vs. Intel mindset and focus more on the mobile market, don’t expect AMD CPU’s to die out or pace out, just expect them to come out late or not the same anymore.

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AMD spokesman Mike Silverman said on a news report on Mercury News… “We will all need to let go of the old ‘AMD versus Intel’ mindset, because it won’t be about that anymore.”


This means we will expect more of the AMD Fusion series chips, and more high power and efficient APU’s coming out. But on the other hand AMD did decide to get into the RAM industry. They are trying to expand outwards to try to fill their product portfolio, not quite sure if thats a right move or not, but we can expect them to be fairly high quality, cause they are made by. Patriot Memory and VisionTek.

AMD RAM/Memory


There will be 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB memory modules, with various frequencies and prices.

The Entertainment category (for Home Theater PC applications) will be of 1,333 MHz to 1,600 MHz, while the Performance line will be of 1,600 MHz to 1,866 MHz and will be sold in matched pairs.

There is a third collection of memory products, the Radeon Edition, which has a clock speed of 1,866 MHz and was tested and certified for specific platforms. It should be competitively priced, according to AMD.
Advanced Micro Devices made use of the OverDrive optimization tool to make sure the AMD Memory-branded DRAM works as well as possible in conjunction with its APUs, CPUs, GPUs and chipsets.

RAM, in general, still isn’t very expensive, so this might be quite an opportune moment for AMD Memory, since affordability won’t be an issue.

I got a question for you readers. Will you buy the AMD RAM/Memory when they come out, and what do you think of AMD’s move of focusing more on the mobile market? Leave a response in the comment below.