Do Something New and Healthy for Your Dad This Father’s Day


It’s that time of the year again when everyone is given the chance to make their dads feel special once more. And there is no better way to reward them for all their hard work than to do something special together or give them a nice gift this coming Father’s Day.

The usual gifts such as pricey watches, stylish wallets, sophisticated gadgets or his favorite chocolates are indeed thoughtful, but after giving him the same stuff year after year; these things might not appeal to him anymore. In this case, you have to think out of the box. After all, its for your dad and this is his day. So why not think of getting him something new or have the two of you do something special that will not only make him smile but will also make a lasting impact on his life?

How about getting your dad something that will make him healthy?

            With all the hustle and bustle he goes through everyday, all year round, your dad’s health and wellness should be a concern of yours also. A healthy and fit body will not only help him deal effectively with the daily grind but also make him live longer, giving you more years to spend together. This can only be achieved by living a healthy lifestyle and engaging in different physical activities.

Here are some things you can get for your dad and do together to get him into shape:

 Get him to play – Playing with him in the sport he is into is a good physical activity that you and your dad can do together. Ask him to join you and your friends play ball, ask for a tennis match or tell him how bad you would beat him in a football game.

Ask him to join you in your morning jog – Though this means having to wake up in the early morning,  this is a good bonding activity and a healthy way to spend time together.

Buy him a new pair of sports shoes –  If your dad is into sports, loves running or fancies outdoor activities such mountain climbing or camping, a shoe he can use for these activities would be the perfect gift for him.

Do home workouts together – There is surely a way to get your dad into shape even if he hates doing sports or any outdoor activity. Buy him a set of weight training accesories and equipment, and ask him to join you in your workouts. In this case, dumb bells, gym balls or even boxing gloves and mitts are great gifts to buy for your dad.

Surprise him with a trip to the outdoors – Get a bike and take him to a place where he can relax and feel closer to nature.  Having complete accessories and the right equipment can make your trip free from any dangers and hassles, so you have to get them first before your trip.

It surely does take a lot of effort but you can start by getting him something that he can use for these activities. He will definitely love it if you would get him a gift from Toby’s Sports, the country’s leading sports equipment and apparel retail chain.

Toby’s Sports offers a wide variety of products that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. From fitness equipment, sports apparel, accessories and footwork, Toby’s is the perfect place to find a sporty gift for your dad this Father’s day.

“We offer great gifts for dads this coming Fathers’ Day, products that will greatly encourage them to get back into shape and live a healthy lifestyle,” said Toby’s Sports president, Toby Claudio. “Personally, if my kids were to give me a gift this Father’s day, I would like to get the Shake Weight dumb bells. It’s the perfect gift for busy dads like me, since it allows me to workout even at home and without going to the gym” he added.

Now that you have these new ideas, it is about time to start putting them into action. Father’s Day is just around the corner, so go now to the nearest Toby Sports outlets and get your dad the perfect sporty gift.

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