Enjoy Philippines 2013 Mid-Year Party

Last night Enjoy Philippines just launched their Mid-Year party exclusive for members. So we as exsisting members of Enjoy Philippines we RSVP to be included for first 50 members days before the event.

enjoy launch mid year party invite

I been a member ever since Enjoy Philippines started and would say love being a member. Getting the perks and other promos from merchants from food, shopping, trips, accommodations, services and more.

Me and my son arrived at the venue 30min earlier from the said time 5:30pm. We had a hard time finding parking near the place. We have to park two blocks away just to able to park. Upon entering the place to our surprise our fellow bloggers is there and waiting for the program to start for the media press launch. So we are confused coz we know it should be for members. So we are told that we can also register under media as well for being there already and we are also a bloggers.

During the press launch they Enjoy Philippines had lots of GC raffles and contest for the media people. Mr. Alfonso Sy, Jr. also introduced the new merchants for 2013 mid year.

enjoy philippines 2013 mid year merchants

Enjoy Philippines

The media launch finished within one hour and after Enjoy Members are arriving late due to the traffic and most of them came from work. Rue Bourbon is fully packed at the 2nd floor with the media people. The program for the Enjoy Members are alike the program given to the media. There are lots of food and drink like beer, and Red and White wine from Artisan Cellars.

It’s just sad I never got to try the red and white wine of Artisan Cellars. I love wines that compliment the food served. I am one responsible driver I don’t drink, get drunk and drive. hehehe!!!

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Nevertheless even with the crowded place with all the media and the Enjoy members and employees. Everybody had a good time and got to socialize with the other people. As a member I hope there would be more future events and new promos.

Enjoy Philippines Mid Year Party

Every member can download the IOS and Android app of Enjoyphil.

Enjoy Philippines hotline: 478.8888


Facebook: enjoyphil

Twitter and Instagram : @enjoyphil


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