Erasing ageing signs through power cell lifting by The Zen Institute

Nothing can be more unnerving than for an old friend or a relative to say, “You look so haggard; you’d better do something about your nasolabial fold (or whatever other folds might have latched on to your face).”

Sure, the motive for blurting out that statement is well meaning, but since it was uttered within earshot of at least three other people… ouch! But then again, rather than wallow in hurt and frustration, or worse, anger at who dared say that straight to your face or anger directed at yourself, it’s best to take the matter constructively, after all, the statement is a wakeup call that should drive you to take an action:  that that would work and work fast. After all, you don’t have the time nor the patience to try out solutions with no visible results in a short span of time. Thus you’d need to go for the state-of-the-art aesthetic solution that will bring back your eroded self-confidence and youthful beauty all over again.

The best solution is threadlift.  No, it isn’t a machine, though admittedly it sounds like it is. But it is a procedure: a medical procedure which is hinged on the latest medical breakthroughs in the aesthetics arena. As this writer endeavoured to configure the principles behind this procedure, she saw through the logical foundation of it being anchored on borrowed rudiments in the field of engineering. Terms like scaffolding absolutely border on the engineering turf and rightly so because of the proven and tested soundness of the same. For the skin is much like the walls of an edifice which is only as good as the structure that supports it. It must be in engineering parlance that you must have first encountered terms such as scaffolding which is part of what threadlift for a young-looking, beautiful face is all about. It is described as a powerlifting method. Sounds engineering, too?


Whether your pressing concerns are your nasolabial lines and/or any of these—worry lines, glabellar lines, perlorbital lines, or chin lines or crease—the ultimate solution is the same: threadlifting or power cell lifting.

Yes, threadlifiting is all about power cell lifting. Sounds Greek? What is power cell lifting?



According to an authority on anti-ageing and aesthetic solutions to the concerns tackled above, Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Torres of the Zen Institute, this is a new lifting technique which injects multiple threads for strong lifting effect and for enhancing cell engraftment to the treatment areas.”

The thread itself is both safe and effective and, considering that what is used is not a single thread but multiple threads, the effect is much better. In fact, the strong lifting effect by multiple threads—its differentiated lifting effect—is much stronger than single thread products, yielding a high satisfaction as a lifting treatment even without cell therapy.”




Now what’s all the multiple threads lifting all about? The Zen Institute president patiently explained: “It has a scaffold effect for stem cells and PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma; actually, the multiple threads serve as scaffolding for cell therapy by injecting stem cells and/or doing PRP.”

She notes the advantages: “There is a high possibility of cell viability and engraftment as the multiple threads perform a role as scaffolds, with strong lifting effects.”

Scaffolding? Lifting? Injecting? Ouch!!? Ouch? Dr.MJ , ever the patient doctor to explain to a curious mind proceeding from almost tabularasa on the matter, said, “Surprisingly, there is no pain and the procedure is classified as only  minimal invasive; there is no fear of surgery here, and even the needle that we use is so tiny, it’s a gauge 26 needle (38mm, 50mm) with Luer-lok tip and the thread used is Polydioxanone (PDO) material, KFDA 4th grade, safe enough even for use in cardiac arrest cases.”

”Other  similar solutions were designed without considering cell therapy, but what we have  had gone through maximized improvements, so the procedure yields both effective lifting and cell regeneration and there’s been reported high satisfaction due to immediate positive effects on patients wherever it’s been used in other countries,” Dr. MJ  shared.

We’re lucky this is now in the Philippines, and we at Zen can rightfully claim to have the confidence to do the procedure competently and safely,” she added.

“Even if at some time, skin ageing tremendously progresses, creating creases wrinkles as the elastin and collagen tissue of the skin’s epidermis are destroyed, the damage done can still be reversed through this power cell lifting solution with  cell regeneration, elastin and collagen tissue becoming densely composed . With these, the skin is kept healthy or made healthy again.”

After the good doctor’s explanation, this writer gets to understand and gets convinced that this no-ouch solution is tons, tons more palatable than being told again straight in the face about the nasolabial thing, After all, she assured that each session takes less than an hour. Hmmm…one hour is manageable, especially considering that the effects are quick. It’s best to inquire more at the Zen Institute, especially for the logistics part. What the heck, it’s worth it! The one at Sct. Rallos is walking distance to Tomas Morato—pretty convenient for this writer rather that the Zen Bonifacio Global Stop, unless… there’s something to also see this time at the Global City. Zen Sofitel  is the farthest but that’s one beautiful place!

For inquiries and consultations, visit The Zen Institute (A Medical Spa) at Scout Rallos branch, Quezon City (441-1712 or 412-2528), Bonifacio Global City branch, (856-2027 to 28) and Hotel Sofitel (Philippine Plaza branch), 832-6957. Visit its website at




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