Facebook Game Addict? Try Conzace Viral Smackdown Game

I’m a fan of Facebook games that usually my past-time and relax time from my motherly duties. I discovered this game that really amazed me. This is not the typical game that you need a mouse just to be able to play with it. The one that I discovered is the Conzace Heavy Duty Immunity Viral Smackdown Augmented Reality Game. What is great with this game is that is a augmented reality.

What is augmented reality? It uses the real world environment using as sensory input are sound, movement, video, graphics or GPS data. If you are familiar with Nintendo 3DS or the Xbox Kinect  its almost like it.


Level 1- You need to swat or hit the yellow microbes. After the level 1 your going to receive +20 points bonus to your score.


Level 2 – You need to avoid the green microbes or else your going to have a 5 point minus. Still you need to hit the yellow microbes to gain 5 points. After the level you going to receive +30 points bonus.

Level 3 – Same as level 2 but this time you need to hit also the red microbes to also gain 5 points. After the level your going to receive +50 points bonus


The game best works on Goggle Chrome, Safari, Firefox. The 10 ten top weekly winners will get a special gift from Conzace. So what are you waiting for try this game out even my 6 years old kid can play the game even without reading the mechanics of the game. You have nothing to loose in joining the game and if your really good you can be on the leaderboard and get a special gift from Conzace.




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