Facebook “Like” contest like or unlike?scam or cheating?

I was busy the whole day doing my kids mountainous laundry and still I didn’t finished them all because I already ran out hangers. My only break was time for lunch and dinner and already my back is like going to break. Now it’s 2am in the morning got a chance to get to lie down and use the computer. I opened my browser and yahoo messenger suddenly chat windows popping up from both facebook and YM.  All saying to “like” a entry, photo, post or a comment.  I been there and done that this kind of contest I’m not fond of it. I admire other people promoting just to gain more votes in a honest way.  but I never know if all those likes are garnered honestly. I know there are people will raise a eyebrow about this but this is my opinion and being honest.

When we know the contest is offering good prizes that you can’t resist to join and you want to win you will do everything just to be on that top 3 or top 1. Winning a gadget, a jewelry, a trip to somewhere, supply of something, clothes or shoes love it like it.

Reasons why unlike Facebook likes

  1. Rampant use of  dummy accounts just to gain more votes in just 1 or 2 days. Like having 8 friends and each having 200+ dummy accounts. If they call for one winner they agree to who will win and vote for that person only. If multiple winners well that’s easy they vote for each other just to win. That’s why you can usually see those people join like contest and that group of people win always.
  2. How many people can be online and are in for the “like” contest. When you require a person to like a photo for instance that person need to like the fan page first. Your going to add a fan page that you don’t even know or like.
  3. It will also add up to your update status making time reading your status longer.
  4. There are people selling dummy accounts for a fee.
  5. There’s a app that can make you gain more likes.
  6. Organizers won’t do the nitty gritty to check all those FB accounts that like their page. The only goal of those fan contest is to gain more fans. Having five contestants having 1000 friends likes they will have 5ooo fans in just a instant. What’s a lot of fans and likes if 60% of your account is fake/dummy accounts.
  7. So stressfull if your the one joining because your asking for “like” that being busy in your promotion you tend to neglect other priorities.
  8. If your the one being asked by your friends to like it can be so annoying to receive messages telling you to like this to like that.  Others would usually say “ang kulit naman ito”.
It would be better to have a contest that the organizers has set of criteria for judging instead or random draw and a clear and percise mechanics to follow.  So that everyone has a chance to win and no one can complain. Some people like to have it all that a stroke of luck of winning is not their style. It will be  more fulfilling to win a prize and to have something because of luck. That was given to you coz your deserve it that you worked hard for it  with a clear conscience without cheating. Just to remind that not all friends and relatives are not in to “like”. I know it would just take up a few seconds but they would rather spend that few seconds with other priorities. Don’t get mad or “tampo” if someone didn’t give in to your request. We have different opinions right.
“Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan ay wag magagalit”

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