FILA Skele-toes at 2012 FILA Polo Cup


I was telling my sons Jeremy and Ken the last time I visited Manila Polo Club was when I was in grade school my dad was still working with one of Ayala Group of Companies “FGU”.  But this time I got an invite for the Campaign Launch for the “SKELE-TOES #whattheheckisthat. They was so eager that we go even I was not feeling well due to the flu for the past 2 days. They wanted to see the “Sports of Kings” Polo is played and also to see the talked about SKELE-TOES by FILA.


Since 2003, the Cup has been one of the brightest highlights of the local sports calendar , not just for the action but also for the glitz and glamour. The 2012 FILA Polo Cup is set to outshine the rest once again in a fun-filled rosters – aside from the SKELE-TOES #whattheheckisthat campaign launch. Performances by the band Articulo, special Dexter Santos Choregraphed dance number with styling by Leeroy New, installation art by Denis Lagdameo, and JM Rodriguez sung the National Anthem. Gracing the occasion are Cris and Butch Albert, FILA’s VP of Advertising Ana Abad Santos. Also honorable JunJun Binay Major of Makati, and Dr. Elenita Binay, wife of the Vice President Jojo Binay.  Butch will lead his tema for the Low Goal Game. Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Cris Albert will do the Ceremonial Toss for the High Goal Game.

This event have the mix of Class, cutting-edge, coolness, competitive, and charity all in one event with a little weird, odd and the wackiness of FILA SKELE-TOES #whattheheckisthat campaign launch. They even have a contest for the best catch-phrase tweeter moments during the event get to win FILA goodies. With the good food and free flowing champagne.





FILA Skele-toes is not new to me because since last year I been joining fun runs and seeing people either on barefooted or wearing FILA Skele-toes. At first glance if your a usual running shoe wearer you can’t imagine wearing Skele-toes. It’s been a trend in the running events that your considered a real runner if you can run barefooted. The great way to train yourself in getting used to that idea is first you can wear Fila Skele-toes.




Fila Skele-toes is a minimalist type of shoe that encourage forefoot landing versus a traditional shoe with is heel contacts the ground first. With their EZ slide features you can easily fit your 4th and 5th toes. What is also nice with this shoes is the bungee lacing system that your can easily loosen or tighten your shoe lace. That is the common problem that I get when running that in just minutes of running my shoe laces get loose and I need to stop running just to re-tie them again.




While going home my son Ken just mentioned to me if I still remember I still owe him his birthday gift.  He wanted me to give him for a gift the Skele-toes for his birthday. I asked him why did he got the idea about it and he told me he got to try the shoes at the event that I thought he was just playing with the other kids. He told me he liked the shoe it so comfortable and he can wiggle his toes. He also liked the idea of the bungee lacing system so that he won’t need to ask somebody to tie his shoelaces for him. Well how can you resist his convincing powers and he made his point about the shoes. Hmmm… maybe we can get not just for him but me and his brother can also have it. Joining fun runs is better with the whole family and with a good shoe.


Fila Skele-Toes has shoes for men and women and most of all for kids.


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