Garfield Runner’s Cup

When you say cat that loveesss…. lasanga that would only one cat no other than GARFIELD. Who will never know the very stubborn cat that always bully Odie the dog. As a stubborn cat he hates getting fit and even he tries at the end he splurge his appetite with lasanga. I admit I’m a die hard fan of Garfield until now I still watch his cartoons and his movies.

But now I get the chance to get fit and join the Garfield Runner’s Cup held at Manila Ocean Park last November 12, 2011. The race is open for the whole family and kids can join the run from 500m dash, 1.5km, 3km, and 5km categories. The best part of it once you had joined the 5km run the first 100 runners to finish will get to receive a Garfield finisher’s medal. For the other categories they had given Garfield dog tags as one of the giveaways. Lots of kids during the race and some parents was carrying their child on the race. Well it’s good that these parents are involving their child to be fit at the younger age. Seeing them the little kids running or walking makes me smile. For sure next year if their would have again Garfield run I would join all my kids. I was not able to join my kids due to that they just got out of the flu. Would love to see my kids experience a different activity for the whole family for a change.


If you had joined the Garfield Runner’s cup and like to know your race results here’s the link below. Upon checking out my results I finished 0:51:06:96 even I arrived late and the race already started. Also I was little bit slacking not yet had my beauty sleep and  sight seeing during the run enjoying the view. hehehe!!!


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Would love to thank Miss Cheryl Golangco of Little Running Teacher for my free race kit and giving me the chance to join Garfield Runners Cup.

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