GreenRides Waterless Car Wash : Water friendly Car wash

Waat!!! Waterless Car wash?!? Yes have you heard waterless car wash here in the Philippines? At first I was skeptical about the idea. But when my eldest son Jeremy brought our very loved 21 year old Mitsubshi Lancer GTi to try out GreenRides Waterless Car Wash for a test. Right before my our eyes what they say is true and not only that gave our car the pampering it needed. As you can see a sudden chance of color from the dirty white to a clear white.

What is GreenRides?

GreenRides is the first and the only car cleaning company that cleans any type of vehicle without the use of water. They use the NoWet Waterless Car Clean (NoWet) solution. NoWet was developed over in the United States and can be used for all type of vehichles with the use of water.  NoWet Solution is environment friendly it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s made with natural ingredients like Carnauba wax that gives protection on your vehicle without the need to put seperate car wax.

We made a short video of how GreenRides transformed our car to yuck to totally WOW!!! I know not that wow factor like in the carshows but hey you won’t get disappointed with their service.


You can see the big difference from the before and after of our car. Our car still has the original paint and been a long time the pampering it needed. As summer fast approaching we usually have water shortage and not advisable to clean your car if not necessary. Can you resist not cleaning your car? GreenRides is a great option for your vehicle. Your not only helping conserve water but also treating your car with an environmental friendly cleaning.

They have this promo that for the price they are offering like mine a regular car I just need to pay up P400. You are entitled to bring your vehicle for a for a follow-up 3x. Just to say you can bring your car everyweek and your just paying per service for only P100. What a great deal! You get your car as if you just pulled out from a car wax service not like the ordinary water carwash that doesn’t do the same.







 * All of our photos are not in any way camera enhanced or Photoshop. We only used a point-and-shoot camera that’s why slightly dim. If we only have a DSLR for sure you see the big difference.


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