Let’s Join Chef Lau’s Dinner Party!



Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico will be having his own dinner party to share and celebrate his discovery of  Colgate® — Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® Toothpaste.



Chef Lau love and had that passion to cook that why he choose to be a chef. But I never thought that being a chef can have some problems. It would really be hard to be a chef needed to taste food and drinks in daily basis while suffering from tooth pain.



Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico suffered pain what ever there is  hot, cold, sweet or very acidic food or drink causes a short, sharp discomfort on your teeth. Every time he need to taste or drink his creations


But Chef Lau discovered Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® toothpaste. He been using is for a year now and his teeth became less sensitive and to the point the pain is gone. Now he can taste the food and drink all regardless if its hot or cold without the worry for this tooth pain.



In using  Colgate® — Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief® Toothpaste you just need to massage a small  amount on your sensitive tooth for 1 minute. It will give instant relief and lasting protection against tooth sensitivity. You can use it twice a day to build that protective seal for your sensitive tooth.

Now that he is sensitive tooth free he wanted to share this liberation. He will be creating his finest dish from hot to cold treats that everyone can enjoy without the sensitivity.







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