Nouvelle Clinic: Relaxing and pampering time

 As a single mom of all boys handling them with take a lot of muscle to it. I always no time for some pampering and relaxation. I am a mom that does not go to much at beauty salons or beauty clinics. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it but my have a tight budget to follow that I always put my kids first before anything else.

I was lucky that one of my blogger friend Carl asked me to try our Nouvelle Clinic for the first time. That I deserve some time for myself and pampering once in a while.

 Upon entering Nouvelle Clinic you can see products that the customer can buy and use in their homes. These products vary to whitening to cleansing as a such that is exclusively mixed by Dr. Noveloso himself.


I got a chance to tour around their facilities and saw their are specific equipments on specific rooms service.







Here is where they usually do their derma treatments










Dental Clinic








This is where they have surgical procedures done.











It’s best that before you go to their clinic is to set an appointment so that they can prepare the necessary room and treatment. Like us Me, John and Bam have to wait for our treatments. Bam got the facial treatment and while Me, Carl and John availed of their body scrub treatment. Next time I will be having a facial treatment on my birthday that would be tomorrow June 5. In the future maybe I can do some surgical services that I will surely blog about it when I get to it. To able to show that Nouvelle Clinic is not only best in beauty treatments but also in surgical services.

Me, John of and Bam of while waiting for our service to be prepared.

 I availed of the LULUR – (luya and turmeric) that removes dead skin.


 Nouvelle Clinic will soon offer Plasma Lipo for their clients. Here a video about the treatment about it.



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