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Alas the answer to my everyday ritual is here and now I can enjoy taking ginger tea in a different way.  Now that ROOTS GINGER BREW is here in the Philippines to make drinking ginger tea more enjoyable.  It is brewed from the finest fresh ginger and best of all it’s non-alcoholic.

Its almost 2 years that I been brewing my own ginger tea that everyday I just wished there’s a easy way to do it. Everyday I need to peel the ginger with spoon that we all know peeling a ginger its quite hard. Next slicing the ginger and putting to a pot of boiling water to be able to brew it. Been drinking it hot and everyday for almost 2 years. Maybe you wonder whats the reason I been doing brewing my own ginger tea better known as “salabat”.

Reason 1: I will be joining a singing competition and drinking ginger tea would make my voice better.

Reason 2: I always have sore throat that hot water with salt can’t do the trick.

Reason 3: I a very sickly person that I have always have colds that one remedy is drinking hot ginger tea.

Ginger is the most safe and natural we can find and all the reason here are one of the benefits taking ginger tea. But for me I am a proud breastfeeding mom of my youngest will be turning 2 this year. I never got to breastfeed this long with my other children. Now that I want the best for my son I decided to breastfeed until I can. I am not the kind of mom that has huge supply of breastmilk. Already tried different natural medicine, food, and anything that would just increase my milk production. With my research I found out that ginger it is both safe for mothers and babies. This is the reason why I been taking ginger tea.

Breastfeeding Mothers:  It’s a digestive aid and natural pain killer. So some ginger is useful and may help induce milk flow for nursing mothers. It reduces gas and may also relieve nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. ginger is a lactogenic herb that helps stimulate letdown of milk. So ginger tea, ginger juice or natural ginger ale may be helpful if you are experiencing difficulty getting your milk flowing.

Other Benefits of drinking ginger:

  1. Treatment for morning sickness
  2. can slow down cancer growth
  3. Nausea associated with motion sickness
  4. has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful natural painkiller
  5. there are more benefits of ginger that we all know this is natural herb that been consumed by our ancestors for years.

Now that Roots Ginger Brew is now here making drinking ginger tea more enjoyable and easy. Its 100% natural ginger and its non-alcoholic plus no Caffeine. You can enjoy Roots Ginger Brew chilled and its only P21 SRP for every 330ml bottle from stores and supermarket. Try is it now and if you want to know more about the product you can go to



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