Top Moms tea party Hosted by: OFF! Lotion

We were invited to the Top Moms Website preview sponsored by OFF!® Insect Repellents at ‘Lemuria Restaurant‘ at Horseshoe village, Quezon City, last November, 26.It was hosted by OFF!® Brand Ambassador Suzi Entrata-Abera, and guests Dr. Anna Vasquez and Dr. Empress Villapando.

As a mom, you always want to be on top of things when it comes to raising your kids. But even the best moms need all the help they can get to meet the never-ending demands of challanges of motherhood.

Meet Top Moms, your new online partner in mommy matters.

over the years, the concept of “motherhood” has evolved into something more complex than just keeping the house clean or preparing the three meals of the day. This new online community caters to every mother’s need, on hand anytime, anywhere to provide the support to tops, exciting contest and important information that will help you cope with the challenges that come with being a parent.

Here’s what you’ll find at Top Moms:

Top mom Bloggers: Read Top Moms blogs packed with useful advice, not only about rasing your kids or taking care of you family, but also enriching your life both as a
woman and a mom.

Dr. Anna Vasquez

Dr. Anna Vasquez is a psychiatrist who is passionate about raising her kids as she is about her chosen profession,

Dr. Empress Villapando Dr.

Empress Villapando is a pediatrician and an all-around mom who shares her expertise in child rearing as a host on ABC 5’s Alagang Kapatid and as a

resource speaker for Moms Today magazine.

In addition they write weekly blog posts and answer
questions from the Top Moms community members.

What Kind of Top Mom Are you? Quiz:

Have you ever wondered what king of top mom you are? Then if you did or just curious, take this online quiz about your parenting style to find out what you’re doing well-and where there’s room for improvement.

Photo of the Week:

Share pictures of you and your kids, and see adorable snapshots posted by other Top Moms based on fun weekly theme. On of your pics may just

end up as our Photo of the Week!

Question and Answer section:

Need advice from other Top Moms? Do you have effective parenting tips to share? Here’s where you can interact with other community members

and discover the fresh insights about navigating the challenges of parenthood!

Top Moms are always thinking about whats the best for their families. Thats why it’s important to see what other moms are up to and learn from the

experiences. Join Top Moms today to exchange ideas, swap stories or share your own insights with other moms. Who knows? You might gain new

friends in the process.


And you mom’s and women alike will be able to access the website on December, 9, 2012. and all this would not be possible with out OFF!


You should get OFF!’s new product for kids and yourself, it’s called “OFF! Clean Feel” and the best part is this… “No Fragrance, No colorants, No preservatives” but of course the smell of the ingredients used for making it… OH!!! And here’s a video that you might want to watch 😀

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And the restaurant.

The event was hosted at the ‘Lemuria Restaurant‘ located at “Brumms Quality Wines, Inc.: #5 Julieta Circle Horsehoe Village, Quezon City, Philippines” The food and venue is great! We enjoyed the food so much!

Here are pics.

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