Basta’t May Plano Kaya Mo Yan’ album launch by Bamboo


Bamboo has recently launched his newest song “Basta’t May Plano Kaya Mo Yan”. The song is featured in the newest commercial of PhilamLife. The event is held at the 7th High Lounge at Bonifacio High Street. Bamboo also sang his other songs and one of my favorite finale is his ” Hallelujah”.  I been a fan of Bamboo ever since and until now I like his song and listening to his voice.


His newest song is all about that you can achieve anything with the right decisions and strategies in life. Yes life be sometimes can be unfair but in time it will turn out just right. It just take time and patience.  We should always think positive that every situations that happen to us has it purpose.  This is where you need to make decisions and plans to overcome this difficulty. We don’t have a perfect life and not all are the same.


I would like to thank PhilamLife to make this possible and having this bloggers night with Bamboo. I really enjoyed the mini concert. I also want to thank Azrael of for inviting me to this event.

You can check out more photos from my Bamboo Album at my Fan Page

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