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You can call me Corrine or Cor for short. Corrine is single mom and never been ashamed to even say it to everybody. I could say love life for me is not my luck but I could say I am very lucky with my kids.




All of my kids are boys and ranging from college, elementary and a pre-schooler. All of them has his unique like and dislikes. As a mom I learned to adapt and flexible in my boy’s needs.

I am a full time mom with my boys I never had a yaya at my side in taking care of my kids. I want full hand-on with them so I can see their development and its just years when they will grow older and you will not get any chance to cuddle them and kiss them. While they are still young, I can hug them all I want and play to them. This is the only way I could be close and do bonding with them.

Yes I scarified my career for them they already do not have a father with them and I do not want them to grow up without a mother as well.



Computer Geek


I am a graduate of Bachelor in Commerce Major in Information Technology. I also studied several vocational and technical courses to enhance my knowledge in regards with high demand in computer technology. I studied computer hardware/networking, software programming and electronics.




I also studied with my personal expense at Oracle Philippines – Oracle9i DBA Track.





·        I love sports and not any girly sports out there. I am a certified Kukkiwon Taekwondo Blackbelt. I got to teach and as a varsity coach in several schools.


·        I also know few martial arts like aikido, judo, and weapons like kendo, arnis and nunchucks.


·        I am also a varsity player in badminton, chess and darts during my schooling day.




Ever since gaming was invented, I was already into it. Even until now as a mom, I still time to time give a break and go on gaming. Games that I played are random like Sims, Red Alert, Devil May Cry, Skyrim etc.


I love gaming consoles as well from Gameboy, DS, Wii, PlayStation and Xbox.




Even when I was young, I fascinated with car anything that relates to speed. Who said that car is for men only? That men are only one can appreciate car show. I am a member of several car clubs relating to what cars we own right now.


I know that during our car club, meeting attendees are majority males but this never stop me in attending and shy away. Love to discuss and ask around about our cars and several problems we encounter. Often we just hang out during our meetings.



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