About ME

You can call me “Cor”. I’m a single mom and never given up on my kids. Life of a single mom for me a struggle when people around can’t understand what are you going thru.

I never wished or dreamed to be a single mom but what can I do when I met irresponsible father that would think of themselves and love to live a life of a bachelor. Why would I let myself suffer in misery to have a complete family when I will be with a partner that is selfish and irresponsible.

I’m a Information Technology graduate and a certified Philippine Taekwondo Association Blackbelt. I love playing chess, badminton, computer games, gardening. I have pets like chickens, rabbit, rescued cats, lovebird, budggie, IRN they are my stress reliever.

Purpose of my blog

I want to show that even a single mom can do everything and don’t need to rely on men to do things. This blog serves my outlet so I can share, express, rant for some would say as a digital diary.

Mission of my Blog

To be able to help fellow moms and single moms to stand for their rights and their children. I’m a advocate of “Violence Against Womens and Children” better known as RA 9262. Also I’m a enviromental advocate that pushes for recycling, reuse, reduce.

What to Expect?

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