ChaLife Milk Tea one way to be refreshed and relaxed

Cha Life Milk Tea

I have times that I crave for milk tea but I just to busy to go out and hate falling in line just to have that favorite milk tea from the store. There are times I wanted to drink it hot and sometimes I wanted it cold.

I was invited to this event where they are introducing ChaLife Milk Tea. To take a break and free myself for a while with the everyday stress. Having to sit down and relax and be refreshed with ChaLife Milk Tea at Nail It! Nail Spa – Rockwell Business Center Ortigas Ave. is one happy time for me.

 At Nail It! Nail Spa we are given an options body massage, foot spa or manicure/pedicure. I chose to have a foot spa to give my walking feet the pampering for a change. I enjoyed having a foot spa and drinking ChaLife Milk Tea. After the foot spa I decided to avail Nail It! Nail Spa to have a pedicure for the price of P280. To get that ultimate foot pampering I deserve for a change.

What’s also nice about it that I got new place to hang-out if I were at The Medical City while waiting for my results or my turn for a check-up.

After the spa session I got to buy ChaLife Milk Tea at the supermarket and shared it to my family. They all love it and would love to have it as alternative drink other than coffee or tea.


ChaLife Milk Tea


 Get your ChaLife Milk Tea at Landmark, Waltermart, 7-11 outlets and other selected supermarkets nationwide for only P7.50 per sachet.

ChaLife Milk Tea Relax

ChaLife Milk Tea is your new everyday comfort drink.

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