Choco Mucho Cookies and Cream and online promo

Me and my kids love sweets this is always where we get together in the my room just to hide and eat whatever we love most from my parents. he!he!he! One of our favorite treats are Choco Mucho. I usually buy a few packs and we just only eat it when we have that craving for chocolate.

We love Choco Mucho because of its crunchy wafer topped with rice crispies and coated with rich chocolate. I always get all the flavors of Choco Mucho because we have a different preference in flavors. Choco Mucho currently has 4 flavors Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

Now Choco Mucho has a new addition to their flavor and that is Cookies and Cream. Choco Mucho Cookies and Cream has this chocolate crispies on white chocolate with a rich cookie center.This would be addition to my grocery list for sure.

Choco Mucho Online Promo

Now Choco Mucho is giving away a limited edition Choco Mucho Cookies and Cream pillow and Choco Mucho gift packs for lucky winners of the “I want you so bad” Promo.

Participants just need to submit a photo of themselves showing how bad they want a Choco Mucho.

Promo Period

Submission of entries:               Sept 7 – Oct 12, 2012

Judging of entries:                     Oct 19, 2012

Announcement of winners:    Oct 26, 2012

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