HP Ink Advantage A+ and Kids Circle Promo

We mom’s would know that when buying a printer not only it would be costly but also when the ink run out. Ink for our printer usually cost so much that I would rather not buy anymore and preferred to print at the computer shop.

But one draw-back in printing outside I need to wait for lunchtime for the shop to open. Another is when the shop ran out of ink also. Worst part would be the ink of those computer shop only uses refilled inks and not the original inks.

Also having kids going to school and needing to research in the last-minute and needed to print in the middle of the night. Often computer shop at our corner street is so jam-packed with gamers they can’t accommodate printing at all.

I finally decided to buy our very own HP Ink Advantage printer. What nice about it that every color cartridge is separate. Meaning that once your black runs out you just need to replace the black one. If ever your blue cartridge runs out you just need to replace the blue cartridge. Not like the other printers in the market out there you need to replace the whole cartridge even not all of the color is finished.

HP A+ Kids Circle Promo



  1. “Like” the HP Philippines Facebook page (www.facebook.com/HPphilippines)
  2. head to the HP Ink Advantage A+ tab on the Page, click on “Nominate your Child”
  3. fill in the necessary information needed before uploading a photo featuring your child during his/her best A+ moment
  4. Each photo upload requires parents to include a 150-word explanation on his/her chosen photo
  5. Upload a photo of your child to the HP A+ Profile Pic maker and make sure to upload it as your own

Five lucky winners will get to win a brand new HP Ink Advantage 5525 Deskjet printer each with a complete set of original HP ink cartridges and other exciting prizes just by sharing their child’s winning moment.

The Ink Advantage A+ Kids Circle Promo is only until October 31 so make sure you don’t miss your chance to be one of the lucky winners.

Like HP Philippines’ Official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/HPphilippines) and check out the Ink Advantage A+ tab (https://www.facebook.com/HPphilippines/app_341546032561779) for more details



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