McDonald’s Delivery at 2:00am

McDonalds French Fries and Crispy Chicken Meal.

I was craving for something starchy food like fries from McDonald’s. Got really hungry in the middle of the night so I told my eldest son to look hotline number of McDonald’s Delivery. Lucky us we have Mcdo branch near our subdivision and its open 24hours.  We ordered 3 large fries and 1 Crispy chicken for me and Baby Calv to share. My boys really love Mcdo fries they usually say “basta large fries sa amin”. But I’m kinda disappointed that our fries are no longer crispy as usual when we get it from dine-in or drive-thru.  Just remembered that we got our delivery with a closed paper bag where the fries are. We all know that when you enclosed something that is deep fried it will get soggy. I hate soggy fries like other fastfood have. I can’t complain about the the soggy fries coz it would take time to get it replaced so I diverted my attention to their ketchup instead. I consumed 6 pack of Heinz Ketchup I’m not a  kind of person like to dip  fries with ketchup. Haist!!!

I told my son next time we get to call for delivery to tell them that we don’t like our fries to be soggy. That they should not seal the bag with hot fries in it or else we get soggy fries. Nothing beats getting your fries fresh out from the fryer doing dine-in and drive-thru. We still love McDonald’s anyway and its the only 24hour fastfood near our place. hehehe!!!!





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