Mister Donut Double Double Treats

I remember my dad whatever he gone from work he always have “pasalubong” for us. It’s either pizza, ice cream, siopao and what most of my brother and sister would like is donuts. He will usually buy a 1 dozen donuts and in a matter of seconds all the donuts been enjoyed by the whole family.

I also love bringing my kids “pasalubong” every time and seeing their smiles when they see me having something for them. Like my dad I also love donuts you can eat it anytime with our favorite cola, juice or better yet coffee.

As time to time we all know kids wanted new flavors to spice up those taste buds. Now Mister Donut has come up with a new flavor and new promo that everyone would love.

Mister Donut Bavarian Doubles


Mister donut Bavarian Doubles Double the flavor and double the fun in one donut. Two flavors in one donut and it comes with three flavor combination: Classic Bavarian & Choco Fudge, Choco & Caramel and Coffee & Caramel. For a box of 10 pieces for just P 130.



Mister Donut Bavarian Flavors

Mister Donut Valentine’s Gift Set

Mister Donut Valentine Gift set

This coming Valentine’s day Mister Donut had prepared Valentine’s Gift you surely love. The gift set consist of 6pcs of Belgian Bites in a heart-shaped tin can plus a heart ballon for only P120. If you wanted to add more romance you can add an adorable bear for only P165. They have 3 designs of their heart-shaped tin can to choose from.

Mister Donut DoChi


This coming Chinese new year its very common for us to celebrate it with foods that would bring us good luck. Mister Donut done is making DoChi a donut filled with either mango, chocolate and straberry wrapped with sesame seeds. DoChi is only P8 per piece. So don’t forget to buy your DoChi this coming Chinese New Year that something round and something sticky to bring luck.

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