Proactiv defense from Acne

As we all know that once a person reached teenage life there are lots of changes happening with our body. The change of our voice, our physical built and most of all hormonal changes. Yes! Who can ever escape those hormonal changes that we dread not to experience.

Now that my oldest son Jeremy is now a teenager is he now experiencing this hormonal changes that he hates most is having acne. He usually get so frustrated that he  gets this acne in the face. I told him that he shouldn’t not to try to squeeze,  pick or rub it. Although it might be tempting to do this, it can lead to skin infections and scarring that he will surely regret.   He is very cautious about his looks that he wanted to look good infront of other people. I can’t blame him to have acne just because he got it from his dad has also lots of acne.  We tried different remedies like cleansers and creams but nothing worked.



We come up with this product that a friend recommended to us. This is Proactiv and this product is well known from the States. She told me she even uses this and she has no regrets about the Proactiv product. She been using Proactiv for almost 1 year already and she guarantee me that my son problem with acne will be solved. So I told my son lets give it a shot and we have nothing to loose if we try.


We Purchased the Proactiv 30-day kit that offers customer to upgrade his kit with 1 Proactiv Extension item at 50% discount. They also Proactiv 60-day kit entitles customer to upgrade his kit with 1 Proactiv Extension item at 60% discount. Proactive can be only purchased online by registering in Proactiv Online Shopping Cart: You can pay via credit card or COD. All purchases of upgraded kits are delivered without any delivery charges. This is limited promo offered here in the Philippines until  December 31, 2012.



This is the one I got for my son and you can see that 50% discount is not bad from the original price.  Making online shopping never been complicated because of their 4-Step Shopping Cart.

With along my son and other testimonial from Proactiv I can say this product works. There are new products out there for acne but why try other products if Proactiv can do the job.

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4 thoughts on “Proactiv defense from Acne

  1. I have heard of this product before and the feedback  were quite good since its very effective against acne. 

  2. raredog

    This is the product I’ve been looking for. Thanks for posting! 

  3. Mac vasqez

    Yes, I supposed teenage life of this generation are lucky enough to have this kind of alternatives in medications . It is one of the product in skin care solutions that we can rely on.

  4. Yashirokuru

    Pricking and squeezing can really irritate skin and infect it.  Perhaps that’s one of the reason why people gets acne more.

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