Prolong your thermal paper receipts

Now a days if you can notice all establishments to retail to healthcare uses thermal paper as receipts.  Its more cheaper than using the dot matrix printer that print documents and receipts. But some raffles and contest requires you to keep your thermal receipt at proof of purchase once you won. The only problem with thermal paper it fades so fast that in a span of days all printed information in your receipt will be gone. I made some tips how to store your thermal paper receipts so you still have that chance claiming that winning once you win.



cool dark place

It is not recommended that you store your thermal paper receipts in your car. Excessive heat will cause your thermal paper receipt to turn gray at best or turn completely black and illegible at worst. You should store your thermal paper receipts away from heat sources. Sunlight will fade your receipts faster than the normal rate.

keep away from oils and liquids

Leaving your thermal paper receipts on your desk is a bad idea. Liquid spills on receipts will also cause the same damage.

do not laminate

While it may be appealing to laminate a receipt you may need later, doing so could damage your thermal paper receipt beyond recognition due to the heat necessary during lamination. Instead, if you must store your receipts, keep them in a manila folder and not near plastic items, whose oils could leach into your receipts and cause damage.

best choice is to scan them or take a photo AND keep the original receipt.

Since thermal receipts fade eventually regardless of any of the above techniques, any receipt that you may wish to keep long-term for warranty issues, income tax purposes, or high cost electronics in case of need to return, should be scanned into digital format, photographed or photocopied.

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