SM City Manila Sale my 3-Day Experience



Oh my it’s been years the last time I get to visit SM City Manila. I remember I got to go with my other Blackbelts here after our Taekwondo training at our Philippine Taekwondo Association – Central Gym it was newly opened and it just only few stores yet.  Now this will be my 2nd time going here.


Here now at SM City Manila after that heavy traffic in front of Manila City Hall coming from Quaipo. That I just can’t understand why there is a jeepney stop at the left side of the road before Lagusnilad. That usually jeepney/bus stop should be located at the right side of the road.

Before we start our shopping with my son Jeremy we decided to eat dinner first at Yoshinoya. Been craving for japanese food lately especially for tempura. I ordered the Bento Ebi tempura for P175 and Jeremy have the Bento Breaded Porkchop for P159.



Now that we already finished with our dinner now the excitement begin. We started from the top floor so that we can check everything out. We walked the hallway of the mall and lots of racks outside the stores offering their bargain sales.

We went in first inside the infant department to buy some bottle nipples, cotton buds and bottle nipple brush. My bunso is still fond having his milk in a bottle before he sleeps. He already a sippy cup it’s not advisable lying down or else it will spill.


Next we went to the men department to buy some socks. As we all need socks should be replaced time to time. We got the charcoal socks that eliminate especially the odor when it perspire during the hot days. IMAG0043

Over all we had covered the whole mall that from 7pm we finished about closing time 11pm. Next time when we go shopping we better be early and already made a list to buy. There are stuff I forgot to buy but no worries I just wait for the next SM Sale.


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