Star Movies Triathlon on its 3rd Year at Resort World Manila

Are you a couch potato that loves to watch movies all day long and do nothing at all? You wanted to have P150,000 and all you need is watch a movie and do some challenges?

Last night October 18, 2012 Star Movies Philippines had their Star Movies Triathlon at Newport Cinema 3. This is where moviegoers can join and they are tasked to sit through 16 hours straight. Yes you read that right 16 hours of non-stop movies. Would your butt will surely crank up the heat with the seat. he!he!he!


But before I go further about this event let me explain in how did the participants joined this spectacular event. You just need to watch at home and get glued watching at Star Movies and wait for the Popcorn monster to apear during the show. You need to note down the time, date and the movie you saw the Popcorn monster and send it to Star Movies Philippines. It so easy you get to enjoy the movie plus have an entry to the Star Movies Triathlon. I personally know the mechanic coz I myself a fan of Star Movies. I just forgot at the last minute to send all of my entries before the deadline. Well better luck next time hehehe!!!


Next would be Star Movies get to choose the 200 participants and started watching movies. With the strict rule of no standing, talking, sleeping, phone usage, no extra food or drinks, no extra sweaters except the provided jackets and no bathroom breaks for 16 hours. Of course no diapers allowed either!

The participants started doing circuit training during watching movies by 360 Fitness Club. The next stage was to maintain various yoga poses headed by Urban Ashram Manila. Last but not least a sudden death for the remaining contestant had to pace on the exercise bikes provided by Fitness & Athletics – Chris Sports.


At first they your need to pedal their way while watching the movie.  But as nobody is giving up they made it more complicated in alternate they have to stand up for a specific time while pedaling and watching the movie. Still nobody is quitting so now they are required to permanently stand while biking and always eyes at the movie. Doing so the time they spent biking I just guess they already at Subic. hehehe!

Star World Philippines offered money and tv for those who wanted to quit. From 10 it became to the last 5 they are given a break to sit down and water to drink. The next challenge they have to do is the treadmill but Star Movie Philippines gave them the option if all of them would agree to share the price or still compete with each other for the ultimate price.


Alas the 5 had all agreed and all of them are the winners of the Star Movie Thriathlon.


Here are the victorious winners of the Star Movies Triathlon and still they manage to smile even with all the challenges they have done.


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