Starbucks Card Philippines is now available

At long last Starbucks Philippines embraced the idea of having a Starbucks card. I started loving Starbucks when I as in the States last 2009. My sister and I would always go to Starbucks and will use our Starbucks card. It’s very handy and in the same way I don’t have to bring cash. Well all know in the States they usually use Credit cards, Debit cards or Cash cards in purchasing.

Starbucks Card

This is my Starbucks Card from the States since 2009

As you could see I still have my Starbucks Card from the States and been reloading my card every time I visit Starbucks Store in the States.I just reload my Starbucks Card using my BA debit card. I  can access my card details online and can be reloaded online. The card is still intact and not like the brands their card usually breaks or faded in time.

What I know about the Starbucks Card here in the Philippines the initial minimal load to activate the card should be Php 300. You can use the Php 300 in your Starbucks transaction and will earn you point.

Hopefully the Starbucks Card here in the Philippines would be like the one in the States. Much better if the Starbucks Card can be used to other countries as well. They just need to convert the equal amount needed and deduct it from the card. I know many pinoys from the States would love if they could use their Starbucks Card from the States here in the Philippines.

I still don’t know about the Starbucks Card here in the Philippines and few more days I will find it out. So wait for my review Starbucks Card Philippines.


*** I am not paid nor influenced by Starbucks Philippines to make this post. Everything is all my opinion about it. I am just one of those customer of Starbucks even when I am out of the country.

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