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Vigen Scalp Clinic


We assumed that shampoo and conditioner is enough for our hair. But do we ever thought about our scalp. We believed that we had chosen the right product that’s good for our hair and scalp. But still we have dandruff,  hair loss , dry or brittle hair or inflamed scalp.

There are few factors resulting clog scalp to dandruff, hair loss, dry or brittle hair and inflamed scalp.

  1. Chemicals from hair products like shampoo, conditioner, hair color, gel and mousse and hair wax.
  2. environment – air pollution – dirt, smoke, heat
  3. Perspiration – if not cleansed off could inflame the scalp
  4. hereditary
  5. Stress !!! Stress !!! Stress !!!

Vigen Scalp Clinic is now here in the Philippines offers treatments in naturally and safely cleanse and rejuvenate your scalp. They have wide variety of products non-evasive and at the end of the treatment you can feel and see the results. Of course there would be series of  treatment needed  to get the results you been looking for.



I got the chance to try out their services and go timing as well coz I been experiencing little hair loss and some part of my scalp has inflamed. I even changed my shampoo and conditioner several times but to my dismay nothing changed.



First they made assessment of my scalp and hair. Using a special microscopic camera the therapist are able to see the condition of my scalp and hair. They saw that there’s accumulation of residue that covering the roots of my hair and  irritating my scalp to be inflamed. Because of my scalp are covered by residue it made my hair not to grow properly. In every roots there should be multiple strands of hair but for me it few in every roots. The therapist also got a sample of my hair to look if my hair is healthy or not. I don’t have the luxury to go to the salon and do those treatment for the hair not like the other’s would do.




After may assessment we went to their treatment cubicle almost resembles in a beauty salon. At first they made me wear a robe to avoid my clothes to get messed up in the treatment. Next the made me wear socks after it I wore this leg  cuffs. This for the air compression therapy while doing the scalp treatment.


  • Air compression leg massager calms tired legs and simulates the pumping action of exercise.
  • Leg massager’s chamber inflate and deflate to softly and gently massage away swelling, stiffness and sore muscles.
  • Air compression improves lower-body circulation and helps encourage blood flow.
  • Easy to adjust thigh hook and loop closures for a custom fit.
  • Ideal for people with diabetes or limited mobility.
  • Electric, UL listed. Requires four AA batteries, not included.
  • Pamper calves, ankles and feet like never before
  • Calms tired legs and soothes muscle fatigue. Simply slip on and the amazing chambers inflate and deflate, pinpointing pressure points to softly and gently massage away fatigue and tenderness
  • Stimulates the pumping action of exercise and has multiple massage sessions

Pump Function –(Deflation and Inflation Function)
Expanding of each capillary vessel by the pump function of the compression movement helps the delivery of
clear blood including the increased oxygen over whole human body and the removal of the bad deposits
(Cholesterol, etc.).

Massage Effect
It massages fatigue and hard muscles, congestion parts or cellulite parts repeatedly with soft air pressure.
It promotes the effects of exercise if it is used before and/or after exercise and it’s like soft warming up.

Stretching Effect
When cuffs pressurize legs, arms or waist, it makes the joints to be stretched naturally.

Deep Breathing Effect (Abdominal Breathing)
It makes a user to breathe deeply unconsciously during using a device.

Waist Cuff Effect
It is good for waist pain, intestine movement, dissolution of abdomen fat (cellulite) and pelvis
contraction movement.

We gone to a series of steps for the basic scalp healing care program that last about an hour.


Hot shoulder compress

Hot shoulder compress

Also during the scalp treatment they also have this hot shoulder compress in where relaxes and loosen the muscles and tendons allowing for easier movements. This is advisable to people with stiff and sore shoulders. This really works wonders for me because of the stress and work making my shoulders stiff and sore. I like it so much and would love to have one of this. This would be great while I my writing and editing photos and videos. It would lessen the stress and the same way it would relaxes me.

Before this one they also have this shoulder massager that does vigorous, rhythmic percussion massage deeply penetrates aching muscles, easing tightness and helping you feel relaxed all over.

All of the equipment really relaxes me in the same way and hopefully I will be getting one of them and having to de-stress and relax me in the comfort of my home.

After the treatment I was hungry that before we gone home got a bite to eat to the nearby establishment Upon arriving home was able to take a nap in a instant.

All their equipments is imported from Korea which in not available locally. They also have organic shampoo, conditioners and other hair and scalp formula that can be used at home.

Vigen Scalp is located at G/F Richbelt Terraces, 19 Annapolis st. Greenhills San Juan. You can call them at their Scalp Check Hotline:  0917-86-SCALP (72257) / (02) 217-9045

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