Brazilian waxing + Men = Boyzilian by Strip Manila


Who said that doing Brazilian waxing is for women only. Men can have it also but is called Boyzilian. Boyzilian is almost the same like Brazilian waxing removing the hair around your Buttocks Sack & Crack.  Includes removal of hair from bikini line, shaft, scrotum or sac, groin and crack and buttocks. This new improved look, it is more hygienic. It is a must have for the Metrosexual Male who look after themselves and want to look good at all times. Be ready to impress and feel good and confident at all times.


Most filipino men are not into this idea and why do they need to do this Boyzilian. So I asked my male close friends. First question is if they trim or shave off their hair down there.  Male no. 1 he don’t shave nor trim at all and he has almost 4 to 5″ of black and white hairs. He only wear boxer briefs because once he wears bikini briefs those hair will come out.  Male no. 2 he trims with a scissor so he can wear briefs. Male no. 3 he shaves every other day so he need a very good razor and a shaving cream to do that.  I can only say is Oh my gosh!!! This guys come from the prehistoric times that we all know that trimming and shaving will just make the hair have re-growth and make it itchy. For male no. 1 I just can’t imagine has this amazon inside his boxer briefs.


I suggested them to try the new Boyzilian wax services from Strip  Ministry of Waxing. That they do boyzilian waxing without the ouch!!! That I can attest to that coz I was there when my son and some of my male bloggers where given to try out their services and all of them never had to shout for pain while waxing

Strip comes packing with our HSQ mantra: HYGIENE, SPEED and QUALITY. Simply put, there is absolutely no double dipping, each Stripette receives their personal hygiene wax pack, we use the best of the best waxes and our Striperellas Strap on (their latex gloves) and Strip Off (the wax) in 15 minutes flat!

My two friend had tried the boyzilian waxing from Strip and they are very happy that I told them about it. They don’t need to trim or shave every other day and they just need to go back again for a Boyzilian after 4 to 5 weeks.  For my other friend he still has those amazon forest that sometimes has this smell. That I told him it because perspiration can’t circulate well that’s why he sometimes has this smell. I just hope someday he will realize the benefits of Boyzilian waxing and once he get to try this he will surely thank me.


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  1. Pepper Tan

    It’s pretty unusual for men to go for a Brazilian wax, but I guess, there’s always a first time for everything 🙂

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