Browhaus and Strip now open business at Megamall

Browhaus and Strip has opened business to their loyal customers at Megamall Fashion Hall. With their current branches here in Manila one at Serendra BGC and one at Glorietta Makati. They decided to open business at Megamall Fashion Hall to be more convenient to other customers who are close within the area. With the heavy traffic going to BGC and Makati loyal customers like me faces this problem.


Now I am so glad to hear that Browhaus and Strip is just one ride away from where I live. I can either bring my car or just take a shuttle van going to Megamall to get there. As what I always say that I was so gifted with so much hair that I have to regularly for a brow and upper lip service.

I had tried other establishment that offers also brow and upper lip services especially threading. With my experience is not that satisfactory. Usually the hair technicians from the other establishments have I can say a heavy hand. I could feel the pain while they go on threading my brows and upper lip. However, with Browhaus I never felt the pain that I experience with other establishment. I think the secret that Browhaus is they use high-grade threading materials and their technicians has formal training in how to render their services.

I also tried their Strip services especially the Brazilian wax. It is painless and I never even shouted once during the treatment. Their Brazilian waxing would last you two months max until you get back for your next treatment.

Browhaus and Strip opening is hosted by the ever-gorgeous Ms. Tess Prieto Valdez. The theme of the party is carnival so everybody has to enjoy and dance to the beat while live performance from the carnival dancers.


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