Kate Di Prima talks about Picky Eater

Hi, mom ever had a problem with your child during mealtime. That they tend not to eat the food you prepared.

Kate Di Prima was invited during the Nutritionist and Dietitian Association of the Philippines for the 60th Annual convention on February 19, 2015 held the Manila Hotel.

IMAG0919About Kate Di Prima

Is a dietician, adult and infant nutritionist and a media spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia.

In 2005 Kate self-published “The Ultimate lunchbox and dinner meals for healthy children” and established her web site www.ultimatelunchbox.com.au – her new website for parents and children is due out in early 2015. In 2009, she established her blog site www.katediprima.blogspot.com that has over 1000hits per month.

During the convention


Kate Di Prima discussed the understanding about diet shift and making children today as picky eaters. Those today children are becoming overweight between the ages of zero to five years old. If some children are not overweight there are some are underweight due to nutrient deficiency.

Being overweight and underweight both has risk for the children involved that adults must be alarmed. From zero to five years old is the crucial years that a child is growing and developing both mental and physically.



As a parent, myself I tend to face this difficulty when my children gone to the stage of being a picky eater. There are parents out there that they tend to forget or neglect giving the proper healthy food a child in his/her development years.

Kate also discussed the Six Common signs of Picky eating that parents should identify with their kids.

Six common signs of picky eating

  1. Food jags, is when your child insists on eating only one food at a time.
  2. Food strikes are when your child refuses to eat what is served.
  3. The TV Habit means your child will not eat unless he or she is watching TV.
  4. The complainer by constant whining or complaining about food that is served.
  5. The Great White Diet is when the child insists on only eating “white” food—rice, white bread, pasta; and
  6. Fear of new food is a child generally refuses to try anything new altogether.


Regardless of whether this stage in your child’s life is a phase, there are serious consequences attached to letting children win this fight.  Picky eaters are at a huge risk of not receiving the recommended levels of nutrients that they need, which could lead to being underweight, slow in mental development or more susceptible to illness. And as growing, developing kids, they need all the nutrients they can get,” she adds.



Suggested Solution for your picky eaters

Our food now a day does not have the entire nutrient that a growing child needs. To that to fill the nutritional gap, parents can give their children Aqiva.

Growing and developing children should not stop taking their milk. Right from the start milk has been the source of nutrition of our kids. As they grow older, they still need the nutrient that can be provided by Aqiva that is not found or lost during food preparation.

Aqiva is clinically shown to improve nutrient intake in children.  With its higher levels of Additional, Quality and Important “A.Q.I” Nutrients, Aqiva helps support mental and visual development, maintains a healthy immune system, and helps keep the child’s growth on-track.

Mom’s healthy children

As a mom, I always see to it that I offer everything my boys need especially when it comes to their nutrition. Money and gadgets cannot replace the health of my kids. I am proud that even I am a single mom I done a great job providing needs of my children to stay healthy and strong.

Moms and Dad is having problem with your kids with their meal. I might be able to help you with your problems. Just post a comment below and let us talk.

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