Driver with gun angry even it’s his fault

I myself encounter numerous situations like this video I saw in Facebook. What pisses me off about this video the front car that’s his fault are the one angry and even have the nerve to show his gun. In what reason would you need to your gun in your belt? Show off! But wait is that gun registered? I believe a responsible gun owner know best not to show off their gun if possible. Having a gun is just for protection but with this case I this one is unreasonable.

I just linked the video here so other people would see these. Try to see if this guy behaved in a proper way.


Some drivers out there don’t even know the proper ways of driving. They are just know how to steer the wheels left to right and can make the car move and that’s it. How many drivers out there use their handbrakes when in stop? Most drivers even stop for a long time would rather press on the breaks than using the handbrakes.

It really pays to have a dashcam better to have it front and back with the driving conditions here in the Philippines. Yes it would be a big investment but in time this will serve you as your security as proof in cases in accidents.

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