Joey G Stand the new solo album


Who would not know Joey G (Joey Generoso) the lead singer of the very known Side A for 25 years.  That captured the audience singing the classic hits like Forevermore, Tell Me, and Set You Free.





Now after 25 years Joey G now managed to fulfill his lifelong dream to have his first solo album.  Now that he has a solo album it doesn’t mean the this will be the end of his career with the Side A band. He will still continue the lead vocalist of the band and attend gigs that Side A will have as a group.



He is fully supported by the band, friends and relatives of his first ever solo album.  They even been a significant contributors in making his album. Like Ned Esguerra is credited as the songwriter of “For You”, one of the album;s tracks.  Joey Benin former band member guitarist / vocals also of Side A has been ‘contracted’ to pen another for this album.  Aside from working with some of the country’s premier musicians like Top Suzara, his album includes the work of international songwriter Diane Warren whose hits include “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and ” Love Will Lead You Back”.

The album has 9 tracks with the following songs:

  1. Stand
  2. That’s When I fell in love with you
  3. 1000 miles a minute
  4. what will I do?
  5. I’ll be
  6. for you
  7. 1000 miles a minute (full band version)
  8. I’ll be feat. Samantha
  9. Stand (acoustic version)

The album Joey G Stand is now available nationwide.





For bookings contact: FREY ZAMBRANO




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